New Paper: Promoting Transparency in Social Science Research

We survey recent progress toward research transparency in the social sciences and make the case for new standards and practices that help realign scholarly incentives with scholarly values. There is growing appreciation for the advantages of experimentation in the social sciences, but accompanying these changes is a growing sense that incentives, norms, and institutions under which social science operates undermine gains from improved research design. We describe promising, bottom-up innovations, including in: disclosure; registration and preanalysis plans; and open data and materials. We also assess common objections to the move toward greater transparency, and argue that new practices need to be implemented in a way that does not stifle creativity or create excess burden. This paper was recently published in Science.

TEDxBerkeley talk: Climate, Conflict, and African Development

Ted recently presented at the February 2014 TEDxBerkeley event at Zellerbach Hall. He discussed results from his paper Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Conflict, which he co-authored with Solomon Hsiang and Marshall Burke and appeared last year in Science. See the video here.