Survey on Transparency and Reproducibility in Social Science Research (New study)

Together with co-PI Prof. Betsy Levy Paluck (Princeton University), we are working on a new study to assess the state of research transparency and reproducibility practices in the social sciences. Please note: if you have received an email invitation from me and Betsy to participate in the survey, it is an authentic invitation. Thanks for considering participating! Please email us with any questions or concerns. (Co-authors D. Birke, G. Christensen, R. Littman, Z. Wang)

Open online FutureLearn course "Transparent and Open Social Science Research" (New course)

Demand is growing for evidence-based policy making, but there is growing recognition in the social science community that limited transparency and openness in research have contributed to widespread problems. Explore transparency issues in social science research – and how to solve them. In this free online course, we discuss the major transparency and reproducibility issues across the social sciences today, including the problems of fraud, publication bias and data mining. We will also discuss many of the emerging solutions to these problems, including: pre-registering studies and writing pre-analysis plans; performing replications; conducting meta-analyses; making data open and available; visualizing data in ways that are honest and effective. The course has been developed by the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS,